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Hangover Cure What IS a Hangover

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Hangover Cure What CAUSES a Hangover?
Before you prevent hangovers,
it's a good idea to know what actually CAUSES them.

Hangover Cure What are the Common SYMPTOMS of a Hangover?
Here is a list of common
symptoms that may be
experienced with a hangover.

Hangover Cure How Do I
PREVENT Hangovers?

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Hangover Cure How Do I
TREAT My Hangover?

For those who already have a hangover, here is our advice on TREATING the hangover

Hangover Cure How Alcohol

Did you know that moderate consumption of alcohol may be
GREAT for your overall health?

Hangover Cure Understanding Your Blood Alcohol Level, or BAL
Learn about how alcohol affects
your blood alcohol level and

Hangover Cure Some Alcohol HISTORY
Ok, so we went over the basics
of hangovers and how to get rid
of them, but how about a little alcohol history? It's pretty
interesting stuff!

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Hangovers are some of the worst conditions known to humankind. And we really mean that. There are no better words to describe the feeling of having a hangover. In response to our need to eliminate hangovers altogether, we have found that there is indeed a way of preventing, and in many cases, even AVOIDING them all together...while having a great night out.

The Hangover Network provides the methods we have found most effective through our own research, trials and...unfortunate errors.

Hangover CureFirst, in order to find out HOW to avoid hangovers, you really need to know WHY you even get the things in the first place...

Hangovers Are Usually Caused By:

Hangover Cure Dehydration From Alcohol : First, alcohol is considered a diuretic. It elevates your normal rate of urination. In other words, it makes you have to urinate...often. This all causes the headaches, tiredness and dry mouth experienced when hung over. Read on...
Hangover Cure Drinking Too Much Too Fast : This should go without saying, but the more you drink in shorter periods of time, the more the body will 'peak' due to alcohol which means a much heavier effect on the toxicity level of your body. This can also cause many other problems affecting your heart and more. Read on...
Hangover Cure Mixing Different Types of Drinks : Mixing different types of alcoholic beverages such as bourbon with champagne, then few a glasses of red wine has shown to be quite effective at achieving a nasty hangover. Read on...
Hangover Cure Highly Carbonated Drinks : Ever heard the old phrase "Beer then liquor only makes you sicker"? That is because carbonation speeds up the metabolism process and while that may be fine when drinking some beers, your body needs much more time to metabolize and break down the harder liquors. The result will be partially metabolized alcohol that was passed through your system faster than it should have been. Read on...
Hangover Cure Drinking on an Empty Stomach : Food in the stomach, especially dairy and fatty foods,decreases the concentration of alcohol and slows down the metabolism process while providing more time to break down all of the toxins and relieve for your stomach lining of irritation. Read on...
Hangover Cure Drinks with High Levels of Congeners : The more congeners, by-products of the alcohol fermentation process, that are in different types of drinks, the worse the hang over (i.e. Bourbon (dark) vs. vodka (clear). Read on...
Receive free standard shipping on your first Chaser Plus order of $25 or more. Hangover Cure By-Products of Metabolism of Ethanol (aka Acetaldehyde and NADH) : Acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of the liver from alcohol metabolism, builds up in your stomach, tissues and brain causing nausea, vomiting and more. This causes NADH levels to increase, suppressing the liver's ability to produce glucose. Read on...
Hangover Cure Vitamin B12 Deficiency : Remember what we said earlier about ethanol and NADH? Ethanol molecules produce twice its amount in NADH using your B12 as its coenzyme.
Result? You got it...Vitamin B12 deficiency! Read on...
Hangover Cure Other contributors : Some other contributors to the severity of some types of hangovers can also have a lot to do with things such as age, weight and other individual health-related issues. If you feel this may be affecting you, we recommend speaking with your doctor immediately. Seriously. Read on...

So now that you know what causes hang overs, you should have a pretty good idea on what you need to do in order to prevent them.

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