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Hangover Cure What IS a Hangover

Don't know exactly what a
hangover IS? We'll explain it

Hangover Cure What CAUSES a Hangover?
Before you prevent hangovers,
it's a good idea to know what actually CAUSES them.

Hangover Cure What are the Common SYMPTOMS of a Hangover?
Here is a list of common
symptoms that may be
experienced with a hangover.

Hangover Cure How Do I
PREVENT Hangovers?

Avoid hangovers with our

Hangover Cure How Do I
TREAT My Hangover?

For those who already have a hangover, here is our advice on TREATING the hangover

Hangover Cure How Alcohol

Did you know that moderate consumption of alcohol may be
GREAT for your overall health?

Hangover Cure Understanding Your Blood Alcohol Level, or BAL
Learn about how alcohol affects
your blood alcohol level and

Hangover Cure Some Alcohol HISTORY
Ok, so we went over the basics
of hangovers and how to get rid
of them, but how about a little alcohol history? It's pretty
interesting stuff!

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What CAUSES a Hangover?


As alcohol is a diuretic, it will cause a person to have to urinate more often.

We urinate more when drinking because the liver and kidneys require more water in order to break the alcohol down in our bodies, thus producing more urine as it goes.

This regular loss of fluids will ultimately cause the person to become dehydrated. As a person becomes more and more dehydrated due to the consumption of alcohol, they will experience more headaches, dizziness , lightheadedness and, of course, thirst when hung over.

This loss of water throughout the body affects our whole body including the brain which, in response, causes the headaches that is experienced if one ends up with a hangover.

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